Guild of Dungeoneering Wiki

Various Abilities which can be upgraded depending on the Armour or Weapons your Hero wears in Guild Of Dungeoneering. See a complete list of Abilities below.

NOTE: Please see Monster Abilities for the list of abilities used by Monsters.

Fire Cards[]

Fantastic for tier one, when played with the apprentice. Ignite will win drawn out boss battles, and flamelash is a great finisher. Once you move on to tier two, start ignoring Fire.

Fireblast - Level 1 Flamelash - Level 2 Ignite- Level 3 Firestorm- Level 4

Holy Cards[]

Starts weak but ends strong. Go big or go home with Holy. Blinding light is good against the many "Take two damage and discard a card/monster heals" attacks you face. Divine shield wrecks bosses with big magic attacks.

Holy Seal- Level 1 Smite- Level 2 Blinding Light- Level 3 Divine Shield- Level 4

Swift Cards[]

One of the best sets if you can tier it up, but difficult to get to Haste through items. Haste is top notch, one of the best cards. Fleet-footed a great finisher.

Shift- Level 1 Interrupt- Level 2 Fleet-footed- Level 3 Haste- Level 4

Arcane Cards[]

One of the best sets of skills due to cerebrate. Focus is actually stronger than arcane barrage. First turn cerebrate wins the fight, every time.

Mind Strike- Level 1 Focus- Level 2 Arcane Barrage- Level 3 Cerebrate- Level 4

Growth Cards[]

Decent, with refresh a great card on it's own but a poor fit with the rest. Stop at growth 2 and try to pick up arcane/holy.

Rekindle- Level 1 Restore- Level 2 Refresh- Level 3 Rejuvenate- Level 4

Crush Cards[]

A decent set for dealing damage, with demolish as a particular stand-out. Bash and Smash are useful for blocking the "take 1 damage and discard 1 card" attacks that you frequently encounter throughout the early to mid game.

Bash- Level 1 Slam- Level 2 Smash- Level 3 Demolish- Level 4

Blade Cards[]

An overall poor set due to the complete focus on damage, since other sets can deal similar damage but with defense, healing, or other effects mixed in.

Slice and Dice are essentially starting deck cards. Eviscerate fails to block two hits+bad stuff. Bleed is the only good card, but without synergy with the lack of defenses in this skill set.

Keeping all of this in mind, this set can still be fun when mixed with Armour for a challenging run with a physically focused Hero.

Slice- Level 1 Dice- Level 2 Eviscerate- Level 3 Bleed- Level 4

Armour Cards[]

Great set, combines well with "Spikey". If playing magic, stop at brace.

Repel- Level 1 Counter- Level 2 Brace- Level 3 Shield Wall- Level 4

Stupidity Cards[]

You can get away with having one, but still dangerous. Somewhat mitigated by card-draw.