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The Chump

The Chump.png

The Chump begins with no specific Trait.
Starts with 6 Cards:
Eyes Closed Punch 3x
Lucky Hit
Cower 2x

The Chump is the basic starter Hero in Guild Of Dungeoneering. You'll begin with them. When this class dies a new one immediately replaces it, unlike other classes where there is a delay of a single day.

Hero Card[]

Chump Card.png

Starting Cards[]

Eyes Closed Punch.png Eyes Closed Punch.png Eyes Closed Punch.png Lucky Hit.png Cower.png Cower.png

Hero Strategy[]

The Chump has no appealing cards nor special attributes however you can use the Chump as a test dummy for stages, such that you'll get a better idea first of what to expect before sending out your "best desired hero". Using a Chump to clear out a stage is fine however its not recommended as the better long term investment is having your other heroes attaining the battle scars.

The Chump after all has an unmentioned trait of appearing immediately after the previous one dies due to failure/death.



  • "Who fills a dungeon with {MONSTERS}!?"
  • "This way looks sa- WHOAH!"
  • "Yeah, I THINK I can take it.."
  • "Oh god not a {MONSTER}"
  • "Well lets get this over with"
  • "Two years in Chump school for this?"
  • "{MONSTERS} drop loot, right?"


  • "SHINY"
  • "That looks a bit like a {TREASURE}"
  • "Is that.. {TREASURE}!"
  • "THIS is why I'm a dungeoneer!"
  • "Oooohh Yeah!"
  • "Ooh gimme"
  • "Cha-CHING!"


  • "On we go.."
  • "A dungeoneer's life is never dull.."
  • "I think I'm lost"
  • "Eyes closed this time"
  • "The Guild isn't paying me enough for this"
  • "Maybe over here"
  • "I hope this place has a tavern"
  • "This way looks safe"
  • "You could make this more fun you know"
  • "Why didn't I bring my 10 foot pole?"


  • "This looks vaguely familiar"
  • "Hm.. was I already here?"
  • "I feel like I'm going in circles"


  • "I've got nowhere to go..."


  • "Come on! Do SOMETHING!"
  • "So.. bored"
  • "Why can't I move now? Oh yeah you're playing those cards.."
  • "..."
  • "zzzzZZZ"
  • "*sigh*"
  • "I wish I was back at my nice warm room in the Guild"
  • "*YAWN*"
  • "Are you AFK?? Don't leave me here!"


  • "Ow - that hurt!"
  • "Please stop clicking me"
  • "What if I were to poke YOU instead!?"
  • "Stop that"
  • "Cut it out!"


  • "I don't think that can fit anywhere right now.."
  • "And just where would that {CARDNAME} fit?"
  • "There's nowhere that can fit that {CARDNAME}"
  • "That won't fit anywhere!"
  • "There's no space for that {CARDNAME}!"